Write your child


Why Should You Write?

If you write your child, they will be encouraged in life which if often very hard.  Share your life with them.  Talk about your faith, family and hopes for them.  Ask them questions like what is your favorite subject in school or who is your best friend or what is your favorite color?

What Not to Write

  • Do not talk about things that show wealth like: you just got a new swimming pool or car.
  • Do not give out any personal information like email address, Facebook or phone numbers.
  • Do not make promises like I will come to see you one day or I am sending you money, etc...

How to Write Your Child

If you would like to email your letter to your child, email your letter to ferodhosanna7@gmail.com.  It will be given to them as soon as we can.

How to Send Packages

If you would like to send a package to your child, you can send clothes or small gifts that will fit in a plastic gallon size bag.  Be sure to write their name on the front of the bag.  These can be dropped off or mailed to NorthStar Church in care of Marsha James.  These will be given to the child as teams go to Haiti.  Please realize that your child may not get a birthday gift or Christmas gift on time, as they will depend on the schedule of mission trips and if they have room for gifts.

Marsha James c/o Northstar Church 

3413 Blue Springs Road 

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Suggestions of What to Send (only new items please)

Small dolls or stuffed animals, toothbrushes and paste, soap and washcloths, small toys, deodorant for older children, new summer clothes, school supplies, coloring books and crayons, stickers, play jewelry, small balls or deflated ball and pump, forks and spoons, cards or drawings from the family. 

What Not to Send

Liquids, bubbles, any war toys, play guns, winter clothes, no used clothes or toys, breakable items or food.